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Chief Leadership Officer softcover


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Let The Business Reformation Begin
The premise of this book’s message and movement is simple. The title and role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is obsolete. CEOs are command and control holdouts based on the archaic thinking and ways of the Industrial Age. We're well into the Digital Age and heading into the Age of Purpose and Meaning.
New times call for new leadership. These emerging business leaders will be known as Chief Leadership Officers (CLOs). They carry three clear charges:
  1. Position the organization to be a leader in its chosen field
  2. Position each person to be a leader in his or her life and work
  3. Meaningfully integrate the two above so everyone profits—remembering that financial gain is but one aspect of profit.
CLOs authentically embrace the business of being in business and people, not as “human resources,” but as human beings, the crucial contributors to organizational success. Much of what lives in this book will seem familiar to the average business person; but it isn’t what it appears to be. Many of the CLO constructs, models, and terms will challenge your thinking and give you pause to reflect on your complete competency as a leader. You’ll discover yourself saying, “Being a CLO actually is a better way of being in business and meaningfully earning a profit.”
Kevin W. McCarthy is the author of The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business Person. As America’s Chief Leadership Officer, he is leading this business reformation of helping CEOs to be in business more completely right as CLOs and for businesses to prosper and people to flourish.

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