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Wondering all about this On-Purpose® Approach?  Books are the perfect gateway into the world of being on-purpose. The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business Person each stands alone.  Together, however, they provide the world's most fully integrated approach to creating the life and organizational (work, family, church, school, etc.) life you want.

We're often asked, Which book should I read first?  Our primarly advice is to read the title that interests you the most.  If still in doubt, then read, The On-Purpose Person. Regardless of how challenged or accomplished you may be making your life make sense is always benefical.  Becoming a more on-purpose leader is a life long improvement process holding the promise to improve every other aspect of your life.

The On-Purpose Leadership Series launched with FIT 4 Leading, Experience the Joy of Taking A Hard Look at Yourself. This line of coming books digs into relevant niches with thougth provoking insights and methods to be on-purpose.


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